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Best Sites to Build Customized Laptops


Customize an HP ENVY 17t-j000 Quad Edition Laptop

One of the best sites where you can easily customize a laptop to your own needs. You will have choices of processors, hard drives, memory and graphics to add to your custom HP laptop.

Design your own laptop and buy it today.


You can trust in HP for exceptional Value and quality. Visit their website and start building your next HP laptop. 




Toshiba has a wide selection of customizable laptops you can build directly on their website with a ton of choices and options.

Everything from gaming laptops to business-minded laptops. I did build a Tecra for a customer of mine about 6 months ago, and it was built and shipped in three days. So I can attest to Toshiba's ability to build and ship out a laptop in a fast manner.

Choices include the Tecra, Qosmio, Portege and Satellite laptops. From Work Stations to Gaming designs you will have plenty to choose from. 


Price range from high to low, so you can adjust your base starting price pretty effectively and build from there.


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